Concealed Carry Class

The PFT concealed carry class meets the requirements set by the Nebraska State Patrol.  Upon completion you may apply for your Concealed Carry permit.

*Iowa residents, our concealed carry class is accepted for your Iowa permit*

Class Outline

  * Basic of gun / home safety
  * Nomenclature of handguns
  * Ammunition care/ storage
  *  Shooting Fundamentals                 
  * Malfunctions
  * Legal issues/ State & Federal law
  * Concealed carry techniques
  * Confrontation avoidance
  * Decision making / Shoot, Don't shoot
  * Handgun qualification

Cost: $150

Basic Handgun Class

This class is for the person who has
little or no experience in firearms.

* Basic Fundementals
* Gun / Home Safety
* Nomenclature
* We will help you feel comfortable
   handling a firearm

Class runs approximatley 2 hours

(contact us for dates and times)

Concealed Carry Class Dates

Saturday May 06 at Scheels

9 am

All in 1 Day Class


Classroom Locations 
17002 Davenport Street, Omaha

Pheasant Bonanza
3097 County Rd O, Tekemah Ne

To sign up for a class contact

Classes to fit Your Schedule

Our PFT instructors will be happy 
to schedule or design a class
to fit your needs.  PFTdoes travel
to out state Nebraska
for classes.